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Animation's a little rigid but gets the intent across.


Generally true moral of the story.

The only thing this video doesn't have going for it is the voices are hard to understand from the pitch-shifts. It kinda makes them all have a gargling-water sound.

Though overweight people believe in the "oh personality" concept, that's not the only ones. There are people who are attractive but don't see themselves that way.

Great Job!

Isolation instead of living isn't living. Great job on the flash cartoon!

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Got to level 8 stage 2 before the excessive clicking got to me.
It's a cute hard game but becomes repetitive.

Likely the best programmed game on NG for 2010

I finished it on the default (medium) difficulty level. It is tricky in some places (spinning blades) but otherwise it's very balanced. It doesn't punish the player for dying repeatedly in a certain area, though could use a "save my progress" button so that you can come back later.

Good with a few minor bugs

This is actually a rather good physics type of game with the goal to cause as much carnage as possible.

The Graphics and animation is good for this style of game. The music fits the mood.

A bug, roughly on day 15 (when the missle silo things appear) results in the mouse cursor being unresponsive, (the game no longer registers mouse movement or clicks even though the animation is still smooth) even before anything happens. This appears to be a fault in the flash player, though it can be in the game itself. Only the author can check. The other bug is the ads on the chalk board which stop working after the 5th one.

The high scores are obviously being cheating, but nobody cares about those.

I played it twice to see if the bugs were repeatable, and they happened in the same place.

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Wow can you believe I've been on newgrounds back when it was only a handful of flash animations?

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